Coming up in November 2021

Our retreats and events – online and at Nether Springs, our Mother House…

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The following retreats will be running ONLINE:

  • November 5 – 7 (Friday-Sunday) – ‘The Way of the Desert’ with Diane King – In the uncertainty of today’s world, with the myriad voices calling us to go this way or that, we will explore the history and traditions of the desert fathers and mothers, and what their wisdom has to offer us as we seek to be followers of Christ in a frenetic world. This retreat will include an introduction on the first evening, daily input and the opportunity to join in with the monastic rhythms of the day.
  • November 15 – 18 (Monday – Thursday) – Community Introduction. This retreat will enable you to learn more about who we are as Community. We are aware that many people may have ‘found’ us during this season – through our daily prayers, leadership reflections, prayer network or Monastic Living blog – and are wanting to explore further what it would mean to journey with us. Priority will be given to those who have already expressed an interest in postulancy or the novitiate but there are likely to be other spaces available.
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Coming up in October 2021

Our retreats and events – online and at Nether Springs, our Mother House…

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The following retreats will be running ONLINE:

  • October 8 – 10 (Friday-Sunday) – ‘Motivational Gifts’ with Andy Raine – What is it that motivates our personality, choices, and relationships with others? Growing in knowledge of ourselves goes hand-in-hand with growing in knowledge of God. This retreat offers a well-tested and well-received tool for understanding our ‘motivational gift,’ drawing from a book that Andy Raine has written (available HERE).

October 15 – 17 (Friday-Sunday) – ‘The Changing Clock’ with Carolyn Howard – In a time of changing seasons, there is always much to reflect upon. Using a beautiful, ‘changing clock’, creative activity, you will be invited to track the joys and challenges of the past year and to consider what God might be showing you – not just about the times we are now living in, but also about your own life. 

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Coming up in September 2021

Our retreats and events – online, at Nether Springs and elsewhere

The following retreats will be running ONLINE:

  • Blessed to be a Blessingfrom 10th-12th September (Friday to Sunday), led by Roy Searle, who explores how the God of blessing created us to be channels of blessing to people and places, in every place where we are…
  • Creative Saturday Morning – 18th September, 9am – 1.30pm – space to pause, for a few hours, from the activity of daily life and enter into a quiet stillness where we can listen to God and to our lives.  There will be an optional creative activity to help you do this.
  • And for those who are wanting to know more about Northumbria Community and are considering journeying more closely with us, we have a ‘Community Introduction,’ from 20th-23rd September (Monday to Thursday), which will run in North American time (CDT). It will involve input from our three Community Overseers, as well as Companions in Community, based in North America/Canada.
  • An individually guided retreat – ‘Listening to the Heartbeat of God,’ 27th-30th September which offers the opportunity to receive daily, one-to-one spiritual accompaniment and personalised spiritual exercises.
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St Oswald’s Day Celebration – 5th August

As a dispersed network Community, it is not possible for us to gather together under one roof and, indeed, many of those who might usually make the journey to Heavenfield, Northumbria, UK, on August 5th, to remember St Oswald, are not able to do so this year. So instead, we are pleased to offer you some special treasures from our archives. These include:

  • some footage from a Celtic Saints’ Workshop, led by Andy and Anna Raine and the Fleeson family, at St Joseph’s Episcopal Church, Boynton Bay, Florida, in 2018, alongside pictures and video clips from Heavenfield, Northumberland, in 2019;
  • a link to Norma Charlton’s re-telling of the Oswald Story;
  • a special midday prayer filmed at the hermit’s cave, near Heavenfield;
  • a family-friendly version of the Oswald liturgy,
  • a couple of special reflections around some Oswald themes
  • Jim Bailey’s ‘Stand at the Crossroads’ song, first recorded for our Easter Workshop in 2019
  • a wonderful excerpt from the Easter Workshop 2019 which took place at our Mother House – Nether Springs – in which we received a surprise visit from Oswald himself…


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A ‘heads up’ for July and August

Spaces still available in July for our Individually Guided retreat

Join our online Individually Guided Retreat – ‘Being Who you Are’

July 26 – 29 – Being Who You Are – Spiritual formation is co-operating with the inner work of transformation the Spirit of God is seeking to accomplish in you. The Spirit’s purpose is not to turn you into a different person, but to make you into the best ‘you’ that you can be. An opportunity to explore, with the support of your retreat guide such questions as: What helps you to be more the person you believe God has made you to be? What is squeezing you into a mould and hindering you from being who you really are? How well do the roles you play, and the responsibilities you carry, fit with the person you are? You may also, of course, choose to explore other themes with your retreat guide.

As well as daily input, for all of our online retreats, retreatants will have the opportunity to join in with our monastic rhythm of four-fold prayers, which help us hold the space for us to be transformed, through our encounters with God.  And we also have twice-daily ‘kettle on’ spaces, hosted by members of our Welcome and Hospitality team, as valuable ‘places of informal connection’ for those who would like to join in.


A *suggested donation would be £180. If you are a UK tax payer, please do consider ‘gift-aiding’ your donation. Please find more information about ‘suggested donations’ towards the bottom of the page.

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