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Northumbria Community at Greenbelt 2023

We are delighted to be able to offer Daily Prayer Offices at Greenbelt, in partnership with Christian Aid. The programme is below, all of which will be happening in the Christian Aid tent in the Glade area. If you’re at Greenbelt and want space to pray and connect with Northumbria Community folks, please come and join us!

Thursday, 24 August

  • 7:15pm – Evening Prayer

Friday, 25 August

  • 10:15am – Morning Prayer
  • 12:00pm – Midday Prayer
  • 7:15pm – Compline

Saturday, 26 August

  • 9:30am – Morning Prayer
  • 12:00pm – Midday Prayer
  • 7:15pm – Compline

Sunday, 27 August

  • 9:30am – Morning Prayer
  • 12:00pm – Midday Prayer
  • 7:15pm – Compline

All the prayers will take place in the Christian Aid Tent in the Glade area.  

Coming up in July and August 2023

Our retreats and events – online and at Nether Springs, our Mother House…

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DON’T MISS THE FREDERICK BUECHNER REFLECTION SERIES, RUNNING FOR 21 DAYS FROM 26th JUNE – more information on how to access that can be found HERE.


July 3rd to 7th (Mon to Fri): NETHER SPRINGS ‘BE STILL AND KNOW’

PLEASE NOTE: This retreat replaces ‘Teach us to Pray: Exploration of the Lord’s Prayer for Today’ which was on the original programme.

This retreat offers you the opportunity to spend time with God within the daily life and rhythm of the community at Nether Springs. No set programme or teaching is provided, apart from an introduction on the first night. It is simply time to come and be yourself. SPACES AVAILABLE

July 10th to 14th (Mon to Fri): NETHER SPRINGS Inner Outer Pilgrimage Retreat

A retreat that involves opportunities for inner and outer pilgrimage.  SPACES AVAILABLE

Driving up, I asked myself WHY I felt the need to drive so far just to have a rest.  Surely, I could have found something closer to home.  But as soon as I got here, I remembered why I needed my time of retreat to be at Nether Springs, and it was worth every mile.’

July 17th – 21st (Mon to Fri): NETHER SPRINGS INDIVIDUALLY GUIDED: Seeking God at the Crossroads

Take time to be with God and find accompaniment on your journey.  LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE

22 July- Creative Saturday Morning 9am – 1.30pm : ONLINE STOP, LISTEN, REFLECT, PRAY

A time to step back from your normal routine and join others to listen, reflect and pray, with the option of engaging with a creativity activity.  SPACES AVAILABLE

I struggle to express how much I take away from being able  to attend our Saturday mornings.  Today was wonderful.

Creative Saturday Morning Online: Stop, Listen, Reflect, Pray

July 28th – 30th (Fri to Sun): NETHER SPRINGS Dancing Celtic Daily Prayer

Come and learn, or enjoy again, the dances that go with the liturgy in Celtic Daily Prayer, Andy Raine will lead us. A weekend of music and movement to express and deepen faith.

A *suggested donation is £80 per night. This is based on full board in an ensuite room. SPACES AVAILABLE

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