Journeying Through Brokenness

On March 9th, the school will be running the first ‘Journey Through Brokenness’ pilot in County Durham, UK, exploring the theme together through creative workshops, music and mindfulness, as well as a physical walk to the ruins of a priory. Here we will symbolically restore and re-imagine the broken altars that bring hope to a weary land when we choose to walk the ancient pathways together. We look forward to sharing this experience with you.

You can join our live feed on Saturday 9th March, from 2pm onwards, by clicking here. No sign-in is needed.

Also on the same day, the Community Group in Bristol will be going on their own ‘Journey Through Brokenness’ by exploring the idea of ‘brokenness’ around the slave trade. They will walk around areas of Bristol that are broken, as well as also exploring places of hope. We will stand together with them in Durham

We will also pray alongside one of our companions in the Puget Sound, USA  for a “full” reconciliation between the American settlers and the native people of that region. It has been on his heart and mind for years, but is particularly resonating at the moment through this quote:

“Yet we would walk again thy sacred paths, repair thy ancient ruins, restore thy broken altars, raise up the foundations of many generations..”

Isaiah 58:12

…connecting again with the past. Making repairs. Making peace. Seeking God.

And on April 7th, another event will take place in France – a mini-pilgrimage in Mortain and at Savigny-le-Vieux, gathering around the story of Saint Vital of Mortain.

The longer-term vision is that, following these events, the school can then gather and share resources for groups and individuals wishing to run their own ‘Journey Through Brokenness’ in their specific geographical context. For a link to an accompanying video please click here

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