Re-Imagining Easter Sunday – Renewal of Vows

Upper Springs – Resurrection Day

An update about the live stream…

Yesterday, on Holy Island, Friends and Companions gathered, most of us overwhelmed by the gorgeous weather enrobing us as we prepared to renew our vows. We held you. We were deeply mindful of our companionship and intentional relationship with you – even more so than other years we understood we were with you. In anticipation of having a ‘live stream’ video link with you, we spoke and laughed and sang with you in mind.

As it was, there wasn’t sufficient connection through the satellites and fibre optics for this to happen. We were disappointed and yet reflect now that we were within the ‘Living Stream’ of the One who is to us the Living Water.

We were, and we are, connected to you through Jesus, The Risen One.

Welcoming new Companions…

We will try using technology like this again. For now, let’s share with each other via the blog where we renewed our vows, by adding a comment below or by emailing the school : .

May we know God’s peace and the reconciling love of Christ in the places of brokenness where we serve Jesus, the Servant King.

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