Online Brendan Pilot

Some feedback from our first online course…

At the time of writing this, Companions who have taken part in our online Brendan Pilot – written by Charlotte Andrews, facilitated by Carla Waterman, supported by Sarah Hay –  are providing us with valuable feedback on their experiences.  Suffice to say, there is still much for us to learn about how best to support access to, and the use of, an online learning platform. For many in dispersed Community, this has been a completely new experience, but also a welcome means of engaging ‘at a distance’.  While certainly not designed to replace face-to-face interaction and learning, it has the potential to connect us in new ways, using a variety of media.  We asked a couple of course participants to share their experiences.

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News about the Two Saints Way Pilgrimage Route

A new website and temporary guidebook

As some of you may well be aware, our Community Companion, David Pott, played a key role in the development of the Two Saints Way Pilgrimage Route from Chester to Lichfield, UK – as featured recently on the BBC 1 ‘Walks of Life’ programme. Marg Hardcastle, who is now overseeing the project, has been in touch with us about an interim guidebook and details of a new website.

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