2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage – Part 1

An introduction:

In the last week of January 2019 Phil and Jo Summers travelled up to Holy Island to start filming for our re-imagined Easter Sunday. It was the culmination of several months of planning, working alongside Andy Raine, who had written a series of fourteen liturgies allied to key pilgrim places on Holy Island that would help us explore – and re-establish -the significance of the Upper Springs in our Community story.

It was – and still is – our hope that any footage that we were able to capture could become a means of enabling people to make their own pilgrimage journey to Holy Island, irrespective of geographical location.

Back in January 2019, there was a sense that anything could happen. In particular, we were completely at the mercy of winter weather patterns, that could have brought grey mists and freezing temperatures. And there was only a one-week window in which the filming could be done.

And yet, what we were greeted with on that first day were mild temperatures and amazing winter sunlight – near perfect conditions for filming. It was clear that God had gone before us and that the films we would capture were likely to become hugely precious gems in our Community treasure box.

Over Lent (two or three times a week, beginning on Sunday 1st March) we are going to share these films with you on the blog, as part of our journey towards Easter. We pray that these will be a personal blessing as we walk this road together…

Part 1 – The significance of the Upper Springs

In the first of these films, Andy reflects on the significance of the Upper and Nether Springs, in conversation with Phil Summers, filmmaker:

Lenten Journal 📚📖

As you watch each of these lenten videos, we invite you to pause and collect your thoughts in words, images and music.

📕Ask for a favour

Acshah was bold (some may even say cheeky!) When have you been bold enough to ask for a favour? Was it for yourself? Was it for another? What emotions came into play as you did so? 

Consider the deep desire of your heart. Find 5 words which describe it. Weave them into a prayer: ‘Lord, you have given …. Give me also ……’

📗Complementary  Gifts

Andy speaks of the ‘Complementary approaches’ of Aidan and Cuthbert in serving God. Look at your hands. One left and one right. Mindfully observe how they work together through this day. Create something with them – an image, a cake, a piece of writing, a caress – and record your experience of this complementary collaboration.

📘Dig deep. 

Participate in an experience of ‘digging deeper’. Maybe that’s gardening for yourself or for another. It could be research and if so try and do that away from your usual study environment. Perhaps you can interview someone, digging deep into their life experience to glean their wisdom. Consciously look for God guiding you to Springs of living water through these experiences. 

A booklet to accompany this series of reflections may be purchased from The Northumbria Community shop by clicking HERE

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