2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage – Part 2

Part 2 – The Pilgrim’s Way

Andy Raine invites us to walk the Pilgrim’s Way and reflect on the journey undertaken..

Come barefoot – or maybe in wellies or crocs
(but never in boots that get drenched through with water and written off by salt!)
From the Beal end of the causeway, dropped off by car,
walk over the Bridge, then clamber down to the right
without slipping, make your way to the first pole
this side of the water, and begin.
‘A causeway will be there’, said Isaiah (as if he knew)
‘and a way, a pilgrims’ way, and it shall be
for them the wayfarers, seeking a holy place.’
Experience whatever happens. The journey matters
every bit as much as the arriving.
Stay upright if I can, breathe in the weather,
silence or conversation, see the view
from where I am.
After the final post, above me on the sand there is a seat. With the use of towel and water if I carried them
it’s a place for washing pilgrim feet.

Lenten Journal 📚📖

As you watch each of these lenten videos, we invite you to pause and collect your thoughts in words, images and music.

📕 Come barefoot. 

How many shoes do you own? Dare to count the pairs. How many do you actually need?

Have you too many or have you too few? Consider how many shoes you have compared to how many feet you have?  If there are superfluous ones, what might you do with those you no longer need? 

📗The Next Waymark?

The causeway joins the mainland of the North East Coast of England and the island of Lindisfarne. When tides are low enough there’s a route for a safe crossing. Each wooden waymarks is a guide across this luminal, ‘in-between’ place. Each is both a guide and a warning. ‘Walk this path. Don’t wander off.’ As a ‘wayfarer’ through your own life who or what marks the way ahead for you? 

Do some people watching – on a train, in a cafe, from your window. In what ways are you a ‘waymark’ to help others navigate a way forward towards hope and life?

📘The Land you walk on. 

The terrain across the Causeway is varied – sandy, stoney, muddy, oily, sharp with shells, warmth and chill – all experienced in the same pilgrimage.  Take a sample of soil, sand, stone or turf from where you live. Does it kindle strong emotions in you? Choose words to describe these and reflect upon them.  This is the place of God’s choosing for you in this season of your life. Seek out the glimpses of grace here that you might live today with gratitude. 

3 Replies to “2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage – Part 2”

  1. Loving these wonderful simple reflections.

    I remember hearing the seals singing on the sand banks in the middle of the night, and the cry of marine birds of all kinds.

    Let’s reconnect to the love of God.

  2. I thought about the map and saw a different perspective trying to figure out how it fitted into a bigger picture then focused back on the details. Then I mused on the question asking God to show me His perspective on things. Almost contemplative.
    The shoes bit made me lol. I have two pairs which enable me to walk better. I wish they were dancing shoes. I always wanted to but can in my imagination. Shoes are so essential.
    Waymarks for people reminded me of a journey were God nudged me to shared prophetic words to someone who had tattoos on there hands. Long story short God touched him and he felt drawn to God. As the train was running late the guy and his friend helped me to get on connecting train carrying luggage blessings abounded all round. Different journeys have different people on them and new beginnings.

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