2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage – Part 4

Part 4 – A Window on Wild Lindisfarne

Today’s film invites us to stay awhile in the present moment; to take the time to stop and reflect on what can actually be seen, as a window on God’s creation in all its precious glory.

The ‘Window on Wild Lindisfarne’ is simply what it says, a sheltered place to look outside, framed by a window.

Bring a small seat and you could stay all day and watch, notice, unobserved.

Imagine looking everywhere, holding an empty frame or anywhere, waiting quietly with a camera! So often we see, but do not see.

Behind and underneath us water flows, fed from springs that sometimes soak the field. Upper springs still flowing under the Popple Well where people of the Island came to carry its waters to their homes, in buckets suspended from a wooden yoke and frame. Our taps are fed today by mainland water – sadly, things are not the same – but life still is shared and stillness found here on Holy Island.

The important things remain.

Lenten Journal 📚📖

As you watch each of these lenten videos, we invite you to pause and collect your thoughts in words, images and music.

📕A Window Reflection

Stop and really watch/ see what is going on out of your window…

What does God want you to notice? How might he be stirring your heart?

Take time to slowly take in the things in the far distance – what can you see on the horizon? What can you hear in the distance? What is blurring and what is distinct? Are there any particular shapes or outlines? How does this make you feel?

Then notice things a little nearer – what do you see now? What sounds can you hear? And how is God prompting you to you engage with them?

Finally, concentrate on the things within touching distance. You might physically want to reach out and touch them; to notice their shape and their texture. Perhaps you can hear the sound of your own breathing, the thudding of your heart or other sounds that are really close by. How is God speaking to you this close up?

Rest in the stillness for a few moments as you lean in and listen carefully…

📗‘So often we see, but do not see’

Read John Chapter 1. Carefully note all the words related to Seeing. 

Draw a frame on a blank piece of paper. Landscape or portrait of whichever size or shape you prefer. Within this space – using pens, paint, collage materials – record as many different words for ‘seeing’ as you have discovered. As you do so, consider how God sees you, even in this moment.  

📘The Popple Well

The word popple has several origins. Early 12th century ears might hear poplar, a spring flowering tree. Others would hear popple as an onomatopoeic word for water bubbling up or rippling. Both images are potent for us and Psalm 1 draws them together.  We are invited to be like a tree planted in living water – a poplar in poppling water. So water a plant or a tree. Find water to bathe your feet (or your whole body in). 

The second image at the Popple Well is that of islanders carrying yokes with buckets for of essential life giving water.  With fresh water to drink, sit with these words of Jesus talking of another yoke He would share with you. “Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.” (Matt. 11:29 ESVi)

📙 ‘The important things that remain’

In this present moment, what are the important things that remain with you? Sort through all that you are carrying and put down that which is cumbersome. If you have come through a storm in your life try some metaphorical beach combing. Try some literal beach combing. And if that’s not practical, how about that handbag, rucksack, brief case or desk of yours?

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