2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage – Part 9

Part 9 – Jenny Bell’s Well

Today’s reflections recalls the second of two specific women whose lives invite us to reflect on our own lived experiences…

Mary Fleeson invites us to solve the puzzle of Jenny Bell’s well, as we seek to find refreshment under the rubble where the water used to flow…

You can find this video here

When children came to the Island, often
they’d be given a sheet of discovery questions
to answer as they’d explore.
The first was a puzzling one to children:
‘How’s Jenny Bell?’
“Well”, was the answer some Islander would give them.
A local name long passed, but “down at Jenny’s” a location.
It’s been restored, a place to sit and ponder,
though used as a well no more.
‘Jenny Bell’s’ asks the praying soul
a question: will you remain
and watch with me,
when the well runs dry?
When prayer becomes a chore,
no longer refreshing,
will I remain, persist,
sustained by love that brought me here?
Surprise me!
or find for me under the rubble
the water that once used to flow.
Talk with me, by this well.

Lenten Journal 📚📖

As you watch each of these lenten videos, we invite you to pause and collect your thoughts in words, images and music.

📕 Who? What? Why? When? Where?

With an open heart, work your way through these ‘discovery questions’.  They are intentionally undeveloped so that their simplicity guides you. 

Let God ask you them. 

Listen to your soul’s response. Capture your immediate answers whatever images, names, senses, prompts come to mind and heart. Allow these to settle with you as you then compose your own questions to God either prompted by your soul’s answers to God’s questions of you or the pressing needs of this day.

📗 Will you remain and watch with me when the well runs dry?

One of our daily meditations, taken from the Hebridean Altars by Alistair Maclean, says:

Seven times a day, as I work this hungry farm, I say to Thee, ‘Lord, why am I here? What is there here to stir my gifts to growth? What great thing can I do for others – I who am captive to this dreary toil?’

And seven times a day Thou answerest, ‘I cannot do without thee.  Once did My Son live thy life, and by His faithfulness did show My mind, My kindness, and My truth to men.  But now He is come to My side, and thou must take His place.’ 

Take time to ponder the specific questions, ‘will you remain?’ and ‘will I remain?’ raised in the video. Capture your responses in word – poetry or prose – or in another expression of creativity. 

📘 ‘The water I give will be an artesian spring gushing fountains of endless Life’ John. 4:14

These are the words of Jesus to a woman whose life-rubble (and the rubble of judgement others had thrown in upon her) had left her parched. 

Are you prepared to actively seek and find the water that once used to flow under the rubble?  What rubble are you having to clear out of the way as you think about this?  

Today as you wash your hands, pour drinks, water the plants in your home or garden, recite these words of Jesus.  Let them replenish you and quench your thirst for Life in all His fulness. 

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