2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage Part 15

Part 15 – Aidan’s Statue

Finally we make our way back to Aidan’s statue, which has been a Northumbria Community place of gathering on Lindisfarne, just after midday on Easter Sunday, for many years

We meet up with Mark Fleeson at Aidan’s Statue to reflect on how we can live more generously among others, with Christ ahead of us as our beacon in the world…

At Aidan’s statue we gather, year by year;

voices find harmony, singing mid-day prayer.

Then ‘Christ as a light’ encircles the torch held high.

Fresh people fall into the dance-steps,

kneel, stand, pray for those on either side.

Day after day, year after year,

we pray these familiar words,

day after day, put on Christ’s presence,

walk as His own into our worlds.

Christ behind us: Love God more,

and live more generously, we say.

But Christ before us goes: each person

that I meet may speak His word

to me today, if I will listen,

and respect their hard-won wisdom.

Can I be trusted with the dream

they carry, the heart’s desire

that God has wakened and

the Spirit hastens to fulfil?

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Lenten Journal 📚📖

As you watch each of these lenten videos, we invite you to pause and collect your thoughts in words, images and music.

📕Listen to, and reflect on, this beautiful version of ‘Christ as a Light’, sung by Anna Raine.

📗 ‘kneel, stand, pray for those on either side

Consider not only who you are asked to pray for today – maybe by heart prompt or prayer pot – but how you should pray today. Take time to alter your posture as you pray for different people, places and circumstances.

📘 ‘Day after day, year after year we pray these familiar words‘

Recollect all the different seasons of your life so far upon which you have prayed ‘Christ as a Light’. Carefully write out these words in your own hand. Which sentence is for you today?  How might you live this as fully as possible?

📙 Christ behind us

Look back on these Lenten Reflections. What have you learnt (or re-learnt) about God? As we walk through Holy Week, where might you find this characteristic in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus?

📙 Christ before us

Offer your life afresh, to walk with Christ, to look for Him in all whom you meet. Look for His illumination of your pathway. With this intention, renew your baptismal vows on Maundy Thursday receiving Jesus’ love for you that you might be a blessing to others.

👣Thank you for journeying with us👣

Many thanks for joining us for this lenten reflection series.  It has been wonderful to journey with you over the last few weeks, especially as we have found ourselves walking through such difficult and disorientating times, none of which we could have foreseen when we first put the series together.   

In these exceptional days, we would like to invite you to stay a little while longer and move forward with us into Easter.  

Each year we explore Christ’s story alongside the example of a significant ‘good one of old’.  This Easter we will be focusing on St Ninian and, in particular, the theme of blessing: receiving a blessing, being a blessing and extending a blessing.   From Maundy Thursday to Easter Sunday, we invite you to engage with a series of videos, teaching and online offices.  

May the peace of the Lord Christ go with you,

wherever He may send you.

May He guide you through the wilderness,

protect you through the storm.

May He bring you home rejoicing

at the wonders He has shown you.

May He bring you home rejoicing

once again into our doors.

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  1. Thank you for these reflections they have been a oasis of peace and love in these troubled times. Blessing be upon us all.

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