Easter 2020: Ninian – A Call to Bless – Good Friday

Welcome to our Good Friday space. Today we focus on the theme of being a blessing, asking ‘how then shall were live?’ As part of our daily rhythm for the Easter Weekend, we suggest that, following your own Morning Prayers, you join in at 10am and watch a video of today’s chosen bible readings, taken from John 19 and Luke 23. Today’s ‘guest speaker’ is Daniel Sikinger, a Companion from Germany, who – as some of you many remember – served on the Mother House team a couple of years ago.

At 11am we also invite you to join in ‘live’ on Youtube with the Way of the Cross – a walk up to St Cuthbert’s Cave, Northumberland, UK, pausing to remember key poignant moments in the Good Friday story. You can find a link at the bottom of the page to the special video we have made to help travel this road together. The prayers were read by the folk who were on the ‘Blessing People and Places’ retreat – the final retreat that took place before we had to close our Mother House, Nether Springs, as part of the lock-down for the Covid-19 pandemic. The first activity of the day invites you to hold a stone in your hand – one that you washed last night – as you join in.

At midday, we hope to run midday office live in our private Facebook Group. If you have signed up for our Easter materials, the link can be found in today’s email.

From 2pm, you can join in with the activities. Please do remember to share the fruits of these with us, either on Facebook, or using the School email address – school@northumbriacommunity.org

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