If there were ever a prophetic word for us, in The Northumbria Community, that seems just as timely at the present time as it was when it was first brought – if not more so – then this is it (from our daily Colman readings for May):


Some years ago in intercession we were warned of a rising tide of the Spirit that would change the landscape all around. People who had previously never been isolated would suddenly find themselves alone on ‘small islands’ surprised, bewildered, cut off from familiar demands and expectations, learning just to seek God 

What do they need, these new island-dwellers so suddenly alone? They may feel isolated, but actually they are more linked … by the tide of the Spirit! 

A small boat appears. In the boat are willing friends bringing much-needed encouragement and carefully chosen supplies. They also point out and recognise the resources already there, unnoticed and unharnessed in that place.

God has prepared us for such a time as this. Are you willing to be anointed for this task of encouragement?

Andy Raine

Associated bible readings:
Psalm 107:35, 37-38  
Isaiah 41:1, 4-6; 42:10  
Acts 4:32-36