Preparing to lean on the heartbeat of God

Catherine Askew reflects on a key teaching: ‘Those who lean on Jesus’ breast hear the heartbeat of God.’ We are invited to pause, as we prepare our hearts for breaking bread together.

Following this reflection, you might also like to join in with ‘A Celtic Communion’, filmed with Catherine and Pete Askew in the Lean-to Chapel at our Mother House – Nether Springs, near Felton, Northumberland.

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Acting out of who we are

In this leadership reflection, Catherine Askew considers how the Northumbria Community’s Rule of Life can help us to ‘act out of who we are’, with integrity, during these difficult times.

Walking through brokenness into blessing

In this week’s leadership reflection, Sarah Pillar, Catherine Askew and Sarah Hay tell the story of an unexpected blessing they received, while on their way to visit Kielder Observatory, Northumberland, at the very beginning of their leadership journey in July 2019.