Gather Round a Treasure: ‘Living with Paradox’

by Trevor Miller

Living in the mystery of ‘simultaneous opposites that are equally true’

This key teaching, the audio for which was captured for a Community CD in 2009, seems incredibly pertinent to now, so we have pulled it from our Community treasure box… We have also included a written version which, interestingly, was going to be included as one of the chapters for a ‘Rough Guide to the Northumbria Community’ that was never published…

Listen to Trevor Miller’s audio below:

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The Vulnerability of Help and Healing

Catherine Askew explores the Vulnerability of Help and Healing through the story of a paralysed man who is brought to Jesus by being lowered through the roof by his friends (Mark 2:1-12).

This talk is given as part of Communion Service of Healing in the Nether Springs walled garden.

You might also like to join in with the full service by re-winding to the beginning of the video.

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A reflection on Teresa’s bookmark

Sarah Hay reflects on this special blessing, taken from our Midday Prayer liturgy.

One of the things I love about our Northumbria Community daily prayers is that they were born out of ordinary, everyday experiences even before our Community founders realised that God was calling them to form a Community.  Over many years of discernment, God pulled forward scriptures and prayers that would help them to make sense of the journey and these were pieced together to form our daily offices.

One of the prayers that I have found most precious over these past few months of lock-down has been St Teresa’s bookmark – a beautiful blessing from the end of Midday Prayer.

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