In every place where we are: Midday Prayer with the Hays

Each Wednesday during Lent we will be bringing you midday prayers from across our dispersed Northumbria Community network.

Join Northumbria Community Companions, Dave and Sarah Hay (and their 7-month old border collie puppy, Tess), for midday prayer on the snowy moors near their home in County Durham, UK. It has been a special place of blessing throughout lockdown. You can find the words for this liturgy on the Northumbria Community website –

A Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday

Welcome to our Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday, filmed in the Lean-to Chapel, with Catherine Askew and Fiona Harriss, at our Mother House – Nether Springs, near Felton, Northumberland.

A PDF version of this liturgy is available to download below:

We have people from many streams of faith in the Northumbria Community; please be free to respond to the bread and wine bit from home in the way that has the most meaning and integrity for you.

‘Seven Sacred Spaces’ – a relational learning opportunity from May 2021

Back in 2009, George Lings spent an extended time with us at the Northumbria Community as part of a research project for the Church Army, in which he gathered wisdom from both traditional, and ‘new monastic’, communities. The fruit of his research was some key thinking around seven characteristic elements in Christian communities through the ages, which, when held in balance, enable a richer expression of discipleship, mission and community.

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