Coming up in May and June 2021

Our 2021 Programme

More information about our programme from January to June, including booking links and an option to download the current overview, can be accessed from our Retreats landing page by clicking on the button below.  As the programme evolves we will update both this page and the Northumbria Community website.

Until the re-opening of Nether Springs – we hope in the first week of July 2021 – all of our current programme will happen online.

Thank you for continuing to support our work during these uncertain times.

A ‘heads up’ for May

Please note that all of our online retreats are held within the monastic rhythm of the day. As well as daily input, retreatants will have the opportunity to join in with our daily offices, so that the ongoing prayer rhythms can hold the space for us to be transformed through our encounters with God.  And we also have twice-daily ‘kettle on’ spaces, hosted by members of our Welcome and Hospitality team, as valuable ‘places of informal connection’ for those who would like to join in.

Our online programme for May includes:

May 17 – 20 – Journeying Beyond the Familiar with St Brendan SPACES AVAILABLE

Lynda Owen-Hussey, a creative artist and longtime Companion in Community, who actually lives near some key sites associated with Brendan, will be leading this retreat. Irish monks used boats called coracles to travel on the ocean in search of a ‘desert place’ in which they found God in a new way. One of the most famous of these monks is Brendan, who set out from the West coast of Ireland out into the vast wilderness of the ocean with a small boat and a simple prayer, ‘Christ of the Mysteries, can I trust you on the sea?’ During this retreat, we’ll explore something of what it means to journey beyond the familiar. and embrace a call to risky living, which will resonate for many of us in the world we are inhabiting now. Part of this exploration will include a creative activity that will help us consider what it is to journey with God beyond the comfortable and familiar into the unknown and unchartered.

What one of our retreatants said about last year’s retreat: ‘It felt as though the content was just enough to give plenty of space for God to get in and I was surprised at how well it ‘worked’. I wasn’t sure beforehand whether it would be possible to make a sacred space at home and whether that feeling of being alone with God and ‘hearing’ could happen in a house with someone else in who wasn’t taking part but, it was, and I’m very grateful for it.’

 May 24th – 27th – Individually Guided Retreat – Seeking God at the Crossroads SOME SPACES AVAILABLE– IGRs are an opportunity to receive daily one-to-one spiritual accompaniment and personalised spiritual exercises. This is what the LORD says, ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.’ – Jeremiah 6:16.   A chance to reflect on life-transitions with someone who will listen with you to God’s work at the crossroads. You may also, of course, choose to explore other themes with your retreat guide.

A ‘heads up’ for June:

June 14 – 17 – Red Tent SPACES AVAILABLE– The idea of the ‘Red Tent’ is being adapted from its ancient use to one that provides a space for women today to come together to rest, replenish and connect. In this retreat, women of all ages and backgrounds are invited to share their lives, share their wisdom, share their laughter and share their sorrow, have fun and nurture creativity, all in the context of seeking God and keeping the rhythm of the day. Pam Pott, a storyteller, creative artist and longtime Companion in Community, will be leading this retreat.

June 18 – 20 (Friday to Sunday) – Northumbrian Spirituality  SPACES AVAILABLE Northumbria, once considered ‘a cradle of Christianity’ holds treasures old and new to inspire and illuminate life and faith for believers and seekers, explorers and pilgrims in our changing world. Join Roy Searle to explore the landscape of the earth, the spirituality that was shaped on the anvil of a changing Western world and the landscape of the heart that provides wisdom for today wherever in the world we find ourselves.

June 28th – July 1st SOME SPACES AVAILABLE An individually Guided Retreat Listening to the Heartbeat of GodIGRs are an opportunity to receive daily one-to-one spiritual accompaniment and personalised spiritual exercises. In the Gospel of John, we find the Beloved Disciple at the Last Supper, leaning against Jesus, lying on his breast, reclining … presumably he was near enough to hear his heartbeat, if he chose to listen. This is a time to receive individual support and guidance as you to draw near to Christ as his Beloved One. You may also, of course, choose to explore other themes with your retreat guide.


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