A ‘heads up’ for July and August

Spaces still available in July for our Individually Guided retreat

Join our online Individually Guided Retreat – ‘Being Who you Are’

July 26 – 29 – Being Who You Are – Spiritual formation is co-operating with the inner work of transformation the Spirit of God is seeking to accomplish in you. The Spirit’s purpose is not to turn you into a different person, but to make you into the best ‘you’ that you can be. An opportunity to explore, with the support of your retreat guide such questions as: What helps you to be more the person you believe God has made you to be? What is squeezing you into a mould and hindering you from being who you really are? How well do the roles you play, and the responsibilities you carry, fit with the person you are? You may also, of course, choose to explore other themes with your retreat guide.

As well as daily input, for all of our online retreats, retreatants will have the opportunity to join in with our monastic rhythm of four-fold prayers, which help us hold the space for us to be transformed, through our encounters with God.  And we also have twice-daily ‘kettle on’ spaces, hosted by members of our Welcome and Hospitality team, as valuable ‘places of informal connection’ for those who would like to join in.


A *suggested donation would be £180. If you are a UK tax payer, please do consider ‘gift-aiding’ your donation. Please find more information about ‘suggested donations’ towards the bottom of the page.

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