A ‘heads up’ for July and August

Spaces still available in July for our Individually Guided retreat

Join our online Individually Guided Retreat – ‘Being Who you Are’

July 26 – 29 – Being Who You Are – Spiritual formation is co-operating with the inner work of transformation the Spirit of God is seeking to accomplish in you. The Spirit’s purpose is not to turn you into a different person, but to make you into the best ‘you’ that you can be. An opportunity to explore, with the support of your retreat guide such questions as: What helps you to be more the person you believe God has made you to be? What is squeezing you into a mould and hindering you from being who you really are? How well do the roles you play, and the responsibilities you carry, fit with the person you are? You may also, of course, choose to explore other themes with your retreat guide.

As well as daily input, for all of our online retreats, retreatants will have the opportunity to join in with our monastic rhythm of four-fold prayers, which help us hold the space for us to be transformed, through our encounters with God.  And we also have twice-daily ‘kettle on’ spaces, hosted by members of our Welcome and Hospitality team, as valuable ‘places of informal connection’ for those who would like to join in.


A *suggested donation would be £180. If you are a UK tax payer, please do consider ‘gift-aiding’ your donation. Please find more information about ‘suggested donations’ towards the bottom of the page.


ONLINE, FAMILY FRIENDLY August 6 – 8 (Friday-Sunday) – ‘Following the Example of St. Oswald‘ with Jim Bailey and friends – What does the life of St. Oswald, King of Ancient Northumberland have to teach us today with his exemplary humility, practical service and courage?  There will be activities suitable for families and all ages that encourage you to be outside, as well as come back together and share what God has been doing in your own spaces….

ONLINE , FAMILY FRIENDLYAugust 13 – 15 (Friday-Sunday) – ‘The Divine Dance with the Sacred Three‘ with Anne and Chris Collison – You are invited to join in the Divine Dance with the Sacred Three over a weekend exploring the dynamic relationship of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Discover how we, like the early Celtic Christians, can weave our relationship to the Three in One into our everyday experiences. There will be activities suitable for families and all ages.

ONLINE Creative Saturday Morning 21st August 9am to 1.30pm – This morning retreat offers space to pause from the activity of daily life and enter into a quiet stillness where we can listen to God and to our lives. Following the monastic rhythm of the day that we find at Nether Springs, we begin with Morning Prayer leading to a couple of hours for solitude with an optional creative focus, prayer and reflection in your own home. There will also be a suggested creative activity. Gathering back together for Midday Prayer, we end our time over a shared online lunch together, finishing at 1.30pm.

ONLINE August 23 – 26 – Seeking God at the Crossroads (Monday to Friday) – This is what the LORD says, ‘Stand at the crossroads and look; ask for the ancient paths, ask where the good way is, and walk in it, and you will find rest for your souls.’ – Jeremiah 6:16.   A chance to reflect on life-transitions with someone who will listen with you to God’s work at the crossroads. You may also, of course, choose to explore other themes with your retreat guide.



Our new, five-day retreats involve both inner pilgrimage – a journey of inner work, silence, study, peace and rest and an opportunity for the ‘Heart alone with God’ staying full-board in an ensuite room – and outer pilgrimage. We have been working on resources to help those on retreat with their own transportation to explore the rich Christian heritage of Northumbria through outer, physical pilgrimage to nearby Celtic Sites. The Nether Springs Chapel, Poustinia, Labyrinth, gardens and woods and local country and coastal walks are available to all guests and provide time with God in Creation and space for the inner-outer pilgrimage as well.

Available dates:

2nd – 6th August – Monday to Friday – reserve list only

9th – 13th August – Monday to Friday – reserve list only

16th – 20th August – Monday to Friday – reserve list only

27th – 30th August – Friday to Monday – spaces available

More information on our retreats for the rest of the year to December 2021

We are pleased to release more information about our programme from July to December, which includes three retreats per month at Nether Springs and new online retreat offerings. Booking links and an option to download the current overview, can be accessed from our Retreats landing page by clicking on the button below.  As the programme evolves we will update both this page and the Northumbria Community website.

Thank you for continuing to support our work during these uncertain times.

About *suggested donations

As a registered charity, The Northumbria Community Trust does not ask for a set fee to cover the cost of a retreat. Instead, we invite donations to support the life and work of the wider Community as a whole.

Many retreatants welcome a suggestion as to what might be an appropriate donation. This is always a difficult question to answer. However, for your guidance, the suggested donation is indicated against each retreat in the programme. We ask that you make as generous a donation as is possible without risking hardship. Through the work of the Community, the generosity of those who can afford more will benefit those who have less. As the weekly and monthly costs of running the Community are substantial, we would greatly value your integrity and generosity in this regard.

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