Coming up in January 2022

Our retreats and events – online and at Nether Springs, our Mother House…

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The following retreats will be running ONLINE:

  • 11 January‘Changing Clock’  – In a time of changing seasons, there is always much to reflect upon. Using a beautiful, ‘changing clock’, creative activity, you will be invited to track the joys and challenges of the past year and to consider what God might be showing you – not just about the times we are now living in, but also about your own life. Six week small group gathering – every Tuesday evening until 15th February SPACES AVAILABLE
  • January 14 – 16 (Friday to Sunday) – Space for the New Year – I hope for you in the New Year: That the single, most significant dimension of life is your relationship with God who never ceases to sing love songs to your soul … That you make choices and decisions that reflect your truest self … That you find adventure in each new day and marvel at the wonders of creation which constantly present themselves to you … That you take risks and accept the growth-full challenges that come to you…   Joyce Rupp (read full prayer here 

As we begin a new year, this is an opportunity to ‘come away’ and reflect on your intentions and hopes for the time ahead and to pray God’s blessings on it. There will be some guidance and resources offered, but mainly space within the rhythm of the day to connect with the Author of all our days. SPACES AVAILABLE

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We are pleased to be releasing our overview of retreats across the Northumbria Community from January to June 2022.

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This has been the biggest, most joyful jigsaw puzzle of the last 18 months yet, because for the first time in many months, we have been able to begin incorporating ‘in person’ events, alongside our Nether Springs and online retreats.  And at the end of January, we will be trying out our first ever ‘hybrid’ event over the Community Group Leaders’ weekend, with some input from the Mother House that we are aiming to ‘live-stream’ for those not able to take part at Nether Springs, in a simultaneous online retreat, hosted by our online Welcome and Hospitality team.  Who could have predicted that such a thing could have been possible two years’ ago? 

If you are a Companion or Novice in Community and on our database, you can expect to hear more from us by email, as new opportunities and ‘in person’ events unfold in 2022. There is a more detailed overview of our ‘joining in’ opportunities in our December edition of ‘Encompass’,

You can download a PDF version of the overview, which contains links to the booking forms, below, or click on the button to go to our main retreats landing page.

Many thanks for continuing to support our work at this time.