We are pleased to be releasing our overview of retreats across the Northumbria Community from January to June 2022.

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This has been the biggest, most joyful jigsaw puzzle of the last 18 months yet, because for the first time in many months, we have been able to begin incorporating ‘in person’ events, alongside our Nether Springs and online retreats.  And at the end of January, we will be trying out our first ever ‘hybrid’ event over the Community Group Leaders’ weekend, with some input from the Mother House that we are aiming to ‘live-stream’ for those not able to take part at Nether Springs, in a simultaneous online retreat, hosted by our online Welcome and Hospitality team.  Who could have predicted that such a thing could have been possible two years’ ago? 

If you are a Companion or Novice in Community and on our database, you can expect to hear more from us by email, as new opportunities and ‘in person’ events unfold in 2022. There is a more detailed overview of our ‘joining in’ opportunities in our December edition of ‘Encompass’,

You can download a PDF version of the overview, which contains links to the booking forms, below, or click on the button to go to our main retreats landing page.

Many thanks for continuing to support our work at this time.


    1. Hi Jeff – thank you for being in touch. It is lovely to connect with you.
      We are a dispersed Monastic Community and, as such, ‘joining’ would involve a discernment process and a period of time as a Novice, learning more about our Rule of Life with a Novice Mentor. The way to start such a discernment journey would be to attend a Community Introduction retreat and we currently run those online – either in UK or US time. More information can be found here – . However, another first step would be to become an official Friend of Northumbria Community. This would involve completing a Friend form (available from Ellen –, which would then put you on our database, so that you could receive key publications like our Prayer Guide, our ‘Encompass’ magazine and learn more about our ongoing programme, which includes retreats, gatherings and events. We also have Northumbria Community Groups and online prayer groups which you are welcome to join in with – around 50 spread across the world.
      Bless you on your journey, whatever that entails.

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