Today’s breaking news about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a call to prayer and so, alone together, as Companions and Friends of the Northumbria Community across the world we respond to that call to pray.

We take this Community Liturgy – ‘I am for peace’ (page 1066 in Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two) – which we commit to pray over the next seven days (and beyond).  In doing so, as we light these daily candles, we pray for, and with, our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, other neighbouring countries and all affected by the consequences of this war.

Each day we will post part of the liturgy, as a focus for your prayers.

Please do share or retweet this post, and perhaps share a photo of your candle/ you lighting your candle wherever you feel is appropriate as a sign of your commitment to pray and a sign that we stand together for all those caught up in this conflict.

I am for Peace: musings on peace-making, with lights and prayers

* indicates a change of reader.

All say together sections in bold type.

The section in the box should be said by each in turn.

n each section of this liturgy a candle or candles are lit. If all seven sections are used, either decide in advance who will light each candle, or leave it open for anyone to do so. A person, group, place or country may be named as candles are lit.

The seven candles are lit for:

  1. victims of violence, and those who live in fear;
  2. those who pray for peace, and keep vigil;
  3. those who become identified with a place, or people and share their life;
  4. any who enable the silenced to be heard, their pain articulated, and their story told;
  5. all who campaign for justice and confront the powerful as advocates for the powerless;
  6. bringers of conciliation between enemies or those estranged, and separated;
  7. peace in us.

When life is lived in the shadow of a sword
every day becomes precious,
for tomorrow may never come.

  • We pray for all who are victims of war and confrontation.
  • We pray for all who live with violence and uncertainty.
  • We pray for all who live with threat and danger:

Some are unsafe because of political turmoil and unrest.

Some are in danger from acts of racial hatred.

Others live with the recurring threat of domestic violence.

We pray for all who live with threat and danger.

  • Teach us to honour and protect the vulnerable,
    and to value life itself.

The first candle is lit.

We light this candle, and remember those in our world who daily live in fear.

You can download a copy of the whole liturgy below:


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