Prayers for those who become identified with a place, or people and share their life

We continue to pray together this Community Liturgy – ‘I am for peace’ (page 1066 in Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two) – every day over seven days (and beyond).  In doing so, as we light these daily candles, we pray for, and with, our brothers and sisters in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, other neighbouring countries and all affected by the consequences of this war.

TODAY we light the third of our seven candles

  • Aidan and his loyal band of brothers,
    their spirit drenched in the gentleness
    and humility of Christ, demonstrated
    the love of God by the way they lived.
  • Their consuming passion was to be
    among the people in their appalling poverty,
    recognising the pain and pride that fuelled
    their superstition and their attachment
    to the old gods; to teach them to rightly
    read the great book of God’s creation
    and the Gospel book of grace.

They identified with the people.

  • We pray for all in our world who have chosen
    to live among the poor and unprotected.
  • We light a candle for all who have said,

The third candle is lit

‘Here am I, let me be identified
with these people.’

Each day we will post part of the liturgy, as a focus for your prayers.

A short message from Carolyn Howard, our Welcome and Hospitality Lead at Nether Springs – our mother house – can be viewed below.

You can download a copy of the whole liturgy below:

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