‘Consecrated Celibacy’ by Christine Barnabas

Companion Christine Barnabas first began writing her book Consecrated Celibacy: A Fresh Look at an Ancient Calling in 2018/2019, several years after her vow of consecrated celibacy in 2011.

“Each time I met another person on this journey, I was affirmed in my resolve to ‘one day’ write a book for those who know that they want to commit to staying single but are very clear that joining a traditional religious order is not for them. All those I met agreed how helpful it would be to have a resource at hand about how this calling could be lived out ‘in the world’.”

Christine Barnabas

So she began writing! You can read more about how Christine’s book came to be here.

Consecrated Celibacy was launched at Nether Springs in early September where Tina Fields (Northumbria Community Resources Lead) interviewed Christine. You can watch the interview here:

“As someone who’s been married for almost 27 years….I had the assumption that the book might be an interesting read, but wouldn’t have anything for me to take away. I’m pleased to say, I was entirely wrong!”

Tina Fields

If you would like to read Christine’s book for yourself, you can order a copy here.

We pray that, as Christine has now ‘birthed’ her book and introduced it to the world, she would be encouraged as it speaks to others on their journey. May she know fruitfulness as she prays, serves and lives.

Queen Elizabeth II

Prayers of Thanksgiving

We give thanks for the life and service of Queen Elizabeth, for her humility, gentle spirit, servant hearted leadership and for all she communicated of the Christian faith. We give thanks for the welcome of God to her, ‘You are my beloved one in whom I am well pleased.’

‘Call out in us again a willingness to love and serve.’ (from the Eata liturgy)

We pray for King Charles III. May God grant him wisdom in the coming days and years, and that his own service might prove to be a profound blessing. 

‘Call out in us again a willingness to love and serve.’

We pray for those who grieve, that they might know the consolation of God as they walk this difficult path. 

‘Call out in us again a willingness to love and serve.’

We pray for the UK and the Commonwealth in the disorientation following her death. How shall we sing the Lord’s song in a strange land?

‘Call out in us again a willingness to love and serve.’

We pray for ourselves that God would strengthen our own vocations to live Availability and Intentional Vulnerability in the name of Christ:  ‘Call out in me again a willingness to love and serve.’

We invite you to add your own prayer by clicking on the button below, which will then be held within the prayer rhythms of Nether Springs, the Mother House of the Northumbria Community.

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Gather Round a Treasure: ‘Community of the Heart: Building Blocks’

A new resource from Trevor Miller…

We are delighted to announce that some core Northumbria Community teaching from Trevor Miller, one of our Elders, is now available in booklet form. Part of our, affectionately named, ‘traffic light’ series (under the specific umbrella of ‘How then shall we live?’), this particular foundation stone explores four key building blocks, which Trevor highlights as crucial to any understanding of Community as ‘a way for living’:

RelationshipCreating the story of Community through relationships as Covenant: an inner togetherness of a mutual commitment to God and one another which treats daily life as a training course.

MemoryWriting the story of Community to provide Continuity: an ongoing story that is still being written.

Language Telling the story of Community by establishing a means of Communication that is not just about words, but about other creative means of pointing to the story of our life alone/together.

Tradition – Living the story in a way that demonstrates Culturality: an awareness of the plurality of cultures that is the reality of life today.

You can listen to an introduction from Trevor himself, by clicking on the link to the online shop below. The booklet can be purchased for £5 + P&P.