‘Consecrated Celibacy’ by Christine Barnabas

Companion Christine Barnabas first began writing her book Consecrated Celibacy: A Fresh Look at an Ancient Calling in 2018/2019, several years after her vow of consecrated celibacy in 2011.

“Each time I met another person on this journey, I was affirmed in my resolve to ‘one day’ write a book for those who know that they want to commit to staying single but are very clear that joining a traditional religious order is not for them. All those I met agreed how helpful it would be to have a resource at hand about how this calling could be lived out ‘in the world’.”

Christine Barnabas

So she began writing! You can read more about how Christine’s book came to be here.

Consecrated Celibacy was launched at Nether Springs in early September where Tina Fields (Northumbria Community Resources Lead) interviewed Christine. You can watch the interview here:

“As someone who’s been married for almost 27 years….I had the assumption that the book might be an interesting read, but wouldn’t have anything for me to take away. I’m pleased to say, I was entirely wrong!”

Tina Fields

If you would like to read Christine’s book for yourself, you can order a copy here.

We pray that, as Christine has now ‘birthed’ her book and introduced it to the world, she would be encouraged as it speaks to others on their journey. May she know fruitfulness as she prays, serves and lives.

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