Lindisfarne Gospels Pilgrimage

pilgrims, gospels and coffin at Durham Cathedral

From 12 to 24 September a band of pilgrims walked from Gainford in Co Durham to Lindisfarne, journeying with two facsimilies: one of the Lindisfarne Gospels and another of St John’s (or Cuthbert’s) Gospel. We also travelled with a replica of Cuthbert’s coffin and a flag with Cuthbert’s Cross.

You can read more about the pilgrimage here:

Many who walked wore black t-shirts with the pilgrimage logo (see below) and, as we’d like to share these very good quality shirts with others, the folks in the Northumbria Community Office have kindly agreed to sell them. If you’ve been influenced by St Cuthbert or walked any of the pilgrimage routes inspired by him (e.g. St Cuthbert’s Way, Northern Saints Trails), this is a great t-shirt to have!

The shirts have the logo below on the front and are blank on the back. (There are still some t-shirts available with the pilgrimage programme on the back – contact if you’d like one of those.)

Lindisfarne Gospels Pilgrimage logo

The ‘C’ stands for Cuthbert, but also his cross and the Christ whom he followed so closely. The four symbols (heart, water, candle flame and book) represent love, life and light – key themes in Cuthbert’s favourite gospel of John. The book represents learning as well as the gospel. The ducks are eider ducks (often called ‘Cuddy ducks’ after Cuthbert who supposedly decreed that no one should eat or even disturb them) and remind us of his great love for creation.

The shirts are unisex with a relaxed fit, made of organic cotton, GOTS accredited and Fair Wear Foundation certified and printed in the UK by a Living Wage employer. They’re very comfortable to wear and are available in Small, Medium, Large or X-Large.

You can buy one for £10 + £3P&P (in the UK) by ringing the Northumbria Community Office at 01670 787645, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 3pm.

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