5th August 2022

Each year, on St Oswald’s Day, those of us who can, make a pilgrimage to Heavenfield, Northumberland. It is in the good ground of Heavenfield that Oswald planted a wooden cross as a waymark. Oswald had returned to Northumbria, the land of his heritage, to reclaim the throne and crown by battle. His wish was to put an end to the years of fighting and division so that his people might live. On the eve of the battle, Oswald and his companions knelt together at the the turn of the road, at the foot of the cross, and prayed. The battle that followed was decisive, Oswald was victorious, and Northumbria was united under his Kingship.

THIS YEAR, AS LAST YEAR, YOU CAN JOIN IN LOCALLY, OR AS PART OF THE DISPERSED NETWORK, either by taking part in a physical pilgrimage to Heavenfield, or by gathering round a livestream/ materials from the archives. Find out more by clicking on the button below.