What a joy to have journeyed with so many of you this Easter. We have had several requests for a way of circling back to an overview of our Easter materials, so here is a link to our connected Easter 2021 landing page. We pray that it will continue to be a fruitful blessing for many, over the coming months…


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We journey alone together on this adventure beyond the familiar and into the unknown. For such a time as this, we are Community.  We think of our Brendan liturgy, determined amidst all uncertainty always to trust…Our times are still in your hand, O God.

Easter 2021: Eata – In Times of Change – Easter Sunday

Welcome to our Easter Sunday space. Sadly, this is the final time that we will gather around our theme of ‘Call out in me a willingness to love and serve’. However, we hope that the resources that have been shared, and the connections that have been made over this weekend, will be something that we might find helpful to circle back to in the coming days.

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Easter 2021: Eata – In Times of Change – Holy Saturday

Welcome to Easter Saturday with The Northumbria Community. It has been a privilege to share our weekend with everyone so far and a joy to hear from so many of you about how you have been joining in with our activities.

Today we continue with our theme ‘Call out in me a willingness to love and serve’.

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As part of our daily rhythm for the Easter Weekend, we suggest that, following your own Morning Prayers, you join in at 10am and watch a video of today’s chosen bible readings taken from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8; Luke 23:50-56; John 16:12-33.

Today’s input is from Sarah Hay, one of our Community Leaders, in which she explores: ‘A time to love and serve – through a willingness to wait.’

At 12 midday we will be joining former Nether Springs House Team members and Northumbria Community Novices, Chris and Anne Collison, for Midday Prayer and a stroll along the beach in Seaford, Sussex, UK.

From 2pm, you can join in with the activities. Please do remember to share the fruits of these with us, either on Facebook, or using the School email address – school@northumbriacommunity.org

At a time of your choosing, there’s also a short reflection to engage with on ‘Teresa’s Bookmark’ from Midday Office – ‘Let nothing disturb thee…’

From 7pm onwards, we are delighted to welcome you into the company of Bethan John and Sheila Danquah and their Community Group. It has been recorded prior to Easter and can be used earlier in the evening with families, or, indeed, just before midnight – whatever your preference is.