A Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday

Welcome to our Holy Communion for Ash Wednesday, filmed in the Lean-to Chapel, with Catherine Askew and Fiona Harriss, at our Mother House – Nether Springs, near Felton, Northumberland.

A PDF version of this liturgy is available to download below:

We have people from many streams of faith in the Northumbria Community; please be free to respond to the bread and wine bit from home in the way that has the most meaning and integrity for you.

Lifelines for Hard Times

This Leadership Reflection is filmed on location by the Holy Well – a site associated with early Christian baptisms – at Holystone, Northumberland, England.

Catherine Askew encourages us to think about lifelines for hard times…

The Vulnerability of Help and Healing

Catherine Askew explores the Vulnerability of Help and Healing through the story of a paralysed man who is brought to Jesus by being lowered through the roof by his friends (Mark 2:1-12).

This talk is given as part of Communion Service of Healing in the Nether Springs walled garden.

You might also like to join in with the full service by re-winding to the beginning of the video.

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