Happy St Brendan’s Day. This year we are pleased to offer you some special treasures – old and new – from our archives. These include:

  • some questions to help you reflect on, and go deeper with, the Brendan liturgy
  • a couple of short films from Lynda Owen-Hussey to introduce two special Brendan places from County Kerry, Ireland.
  • a special recording of ‘The Story of Brendan the Fisherman’, written by Clare and Ant Grimley and read by their daughter, Katie.
  • a short film of the Overseers building a coracle , as part of a retreat with the Bethany Community, Leicestershire, in September 2021
  • a creative reflection on ‘Beyond these Shores’ by Iona

Click on the link below to find the resources:

Palm Sunday – Easter 2022

As Holy Week begins this weekend with Palm Sunday we gather together  to share an Easter Alone Together.

This Easter is a unique Easter. We say this to make the point that we continue to live through times of change, seemingly swifter change than ever. We walk again with Christ through the accounts of the first Easter where, within tyranny and oppression, Jesus revealed glimpses of glory. These were seen through his servanthood, his commitment to embody the kindness of his Father and to be led by the Spirit into sacrificial life and death.  

For our Easter Workshop this year we will be learning more from Eata – a good one of old – a man who lived through immense change in the land of Northumbria during the 7th Century. His story continues to resonate with ours.

Through videos, audios, activities, reflections and social media we pray that God might connect us as we – Alone Together – seek Him with our all and bless others in His name.

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