Palm Sunday

Introducing our theme for Easter 2020:

Following the example of St Ninian – A Call to bless

 For 2020, we will respond to a very timely Call to Bless, inspired by the story of St Ninian of Whithorn, Galloway. Ninian’s monastic and missional life inspires us to engage with our own neighbourhoods, sharing the love and light of Christ.

Our Ninian Liturgy will be a lens through which we can consider  – Receiving a Blessing, Being a Blessing and Extending a Blessing  – themes ripe with potential for 2020 with all the complexities this coming year poses for the whole of this precious world. Because we care for others in this ‘strange land’ of Covid-19 where it has become a ‘time to refrain from embracing’ we believe it is a calling upon us to Bless.

Saint Ninian shared with permission by Aidan Hart 

Firstly we invite you to join the Overseers at St Ninian’s Cave, Whithorn, Scotland, which they visited as part of a pilgrimage in November of last year.

An Introduction from the Overseers

While visiting Whithorn, we will welcomed into the home of Donna Brewster in nearby Wigtown. Donna has led retreats on St Ninian at our Mother House – Nether Springs. Here, she reads from Celtic Daily Prayer 2 about the significance of Ninian and the place – Whithorn.


We invite you to become a little more familiar with St Ninian by learning more about him – who he was and the miraculous events that accompanied his life journey. Below is a link to a series of stories recounted by Andy Raine and friends. You will notice that below the video, on Youtube, there are some times in blue. These will enable you to skip through the stories as you would like to access them.

Andy Raine has written some accompanying reflections – some key words and phrase for you to ponder and answer as Ninian’s story interacts with your own.  You can download them below. May God lead you and bless you as you do so.


We invite you to share where you intend to renew your vows by taking a photo, or recording a short video (landscape orientation please) and saying why this place is significant for you. Here are two options for sharing:

1. If you are on Facebook and don’t mind sharing a little more publicly you can post in your own personal Facebook page, tagging us by using @northumbriacommunityofficial or, you could post in our Northumbria Community group HERE .

On Facebook our tag should look like this….

2. If you are a Friend, Novice or Companion and would prefer to share more privately please email your contributions to and we will include these in a password protected post on the School blog.

We will represent each place as a candle on a map, as a visual representation of how we are connected – an invitation to pray for one another as we bless the land and people God has called us to. The map will be posted on the School for Monastic Living Blog.  

Join in:

You can join in with the Ninian Liturgy by watching the short film below, which was also recorded at St Ninian’s Cave. (Apologies for the wind and sea noises, which sometimes obscure our voices…)


Recognising that this year’s gatherings for Easter will be affected by  Covid-19 please join us in this prayer for all those already affected and for all our dear ones:

Lord God, our protector, we would draw all people of our world into Your circle of protection, peace and salvation. Let Your love shine from us, as Ninians White House shone across the sea, attracting people to Your love and light. May our words and actions reflect our prayer; in the name of Christ. Amen.”

Written for us by Maurice Johnson. 

Our daily offices

Our other daily offices are HERE. If you don’t have Celtic Daily Prayer and so don’t have the accompanying daily readings, you can find this month’s readings to download from our shop HERE.

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