Easter 2021: Eata – in times of change


Welcome to the home page for our 2021 Easter materials. As we publish each day’s events, you will be able to access them from the blue buttons that will appear below. We pray that these resources will be a blessing to all who choose to journey with us during this season.

Please note that a link to each day’s programme will become available after each day’s events are published.

Our tradition, since early days of Community has been to gather at Easter to renew our vows, whilst setting aside time to learn together. In 2019, we began to learn how to be Waymarks in the World, pointing others toward God in our daily lives. In 2020, we explored the themes of receiving, being and extending a blessing through the example of Ninian. This year, as we continue to live through this disorientating time of pandemic, we ask that God might ‘call out in us a willingness to love and serve’, acknowledging these times of change and looking to the example of Eata for inspiration.

How can I join in with the Easter resources?

In the light of this continuing pandemic, we have once again pulled together a range of different resources – readings, liturgies, videos and practical activities – from across our dispersed Community network, acknowledging that, sadly, we are not able to meet face-to-face again this year.

We have prepared a series of videos filmed to help us learn from Eata, in times of change: Each of them will draw together a particular part of the Easter story, looking at the events of Holy Week through the lens of ‘calling out again in me a willingness to love and serve.’

We will learn from the story of Eata, and how he responded to God’s call in difficult circumstances and through challenging times.

Additional reflections and activities will help us to engage with what it means, and has meant, to live through such change.

We hope that these resources will be helpful for each of us in the Alone Together of our companionship – whether we gather outdoors one-to-one, online or in solitude to renew our vows and learn ‘How then shall we live?’ with fresh insights into discipleship in Christ. 

More about our Daily Format for The Easter Weekend

Each day of our Easter weekend will begin with bible readings and a talk at 10am

Then there will be some follow up activities to ‘take away’ for a few hours, the fruits of which we would encourage you to share. (See below on ways to do that…)

At midday, and one other point in the day, there will be a liturgy to join in with:
On Maundy Thursday at 7pm we will ‘go live’ together (or at least watch a pre-recorded video together) on YouTube with Jo Young and family, for a special footwashing and communion event.

On Good Friday at 11am we will walk together ‘live’ up to Cuthbert’s Cave (again via YouTube) for the Way of the Cross.

On Easter Saturday, there will be a special Easter Vigil with the Community Group led by Bethan John and Sheila Danquah. We’ll release this video at the beginning of the day so that those folk with families can join in earlier in the evening, rather than waiting until midnight!

And on Easter Day at midday we invite Companions of Community to join in with a special Liturgy as we renew our vows. We will be saying the words on our own, in our own contexts, but alongside others in the beautiful ‘together’ of dispersed community.

How else can I engage?

Throughout the Easter period, starting with Palm Sunday, we invite you to share your thoughts and reflections with us, which could be pictures, photographs, creative writing or…

1. If you are on Facebook and part of our private Easter Facebook group, please post there, or, if not, and you don’t mind sharing a little more publicly, you can post on your own personal Facebook page, tagging us by using @northumbriacommunityofficial or, you could post in our Northumbria Community group HERE .

On Facebook our tag should look like this….

2. If you are a Friend, Novice or Companion and would prefer to share more privately please email your contributions to school@northumbriacommunity.org and we will include these in a password protected post on the School blog.


Maurice Johnson, a beloved companion in Northumbria Community, was imbued by the stories and liturgies of the Northumbrian and Irish saints who have helped to shape the questions we live by. We are grateful for the legacy Maurice has left us. Here is the prayer he wrote for us with Eata’s life in heart:

‘Father God, Your training gives me a firm foundation for my life, no matter what I may meet. Help me to keep firmly guided by it and to follow the avenues of service You open to me, with kindness, selflessness and integrity; in the name of Christ. Amen.’

‘Eata’ pronunciation

We asked Colin Symes, a linguist and one of our Friends in Community, if he could help us out with how Eata might be pronounced. Watch this video for his suggestion.

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