Welcome to the home page for our 2022 Easter materials. As we publish each day’s events, you will be able to access them from the green buttons below. We pray that these resources will be a blessing to all who choose to journey with us during this season.

Eata will be at the heart of our Easter Workshop for a further year for its themes remain pertinent for us in these tumultuous times with war, displacement, and fear. We will journey on with this man, a good shepherd who guided others through huge political, theological and cultural upheaval. 

We are taking the phrase ‘Glimpses of Your glory’ from the Eata liturgy:

‘When days seem dark, and I feel lonely and discouraged, then give me glimpses of Your glory to sustain me’. 

Over Holy Week we will explore these questions together : 

  • Where can we see glimpses of God’s glory in our own challenging times? 
  • How are we to embody God’s ready kindness towards others and towards ourselves?  
  • How are we to embrace a commitment to pause and seek God in times of trauma or joy?
  • How might we sustain this rhythm, this Way for Living, day by day, moment by moment?

As we renew our vows on Easter Sunday, we will be asking God for glimpses of glory to sustain us in our own willingness to love and to serve.

We invite you to check back to this page, as our Easter resources evolve…

The programme will look like this:

(*Livestream links will be available from the relevant landing page, as they are released)

The links below will become ‘live’ during Easter week

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‘Eata’ pronunciation

Last year, we asked Colin Symes, a linguist and one of our Friends in Community, if he could help us out with how Eata might be pronounced. Watch this video for his suggestion. We won’t test you on it but… 😉

Supporting the Life and Work of the Northumbria Community

Northumbria Community does not ask for a fee to cover the costs of providing resources, such as these Easter materials. However, we are a registered charity and are always grateful for donations that support the life and work of the wider Community as a whole. If you would like to encourage us in this way, you can follow the link below to make a donation. 

Thank you and we pray your Easter journey is marked with ‘glimpses of God’s glory!’ 

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