Good Friday – Easter 2022

Good Friday Resources

Welcome to the resources for Good Friday as we walk the way of the cross with Christ, and one another.

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Gather Round

Talk 2: ‘Embodying Your ready kindness’ and the physical reality of the calling of Christ

Today, Sarah Hay reflects on how we are called to embody kindness, even in the most hopeless of situations, to inhabit the in between spaces – ‘as candles burning between hope and despair, faith and doubt, life and death …’ (see the Day 31 Meditation in Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two) amidst pain, injustice, oppression and suffering. 

Going deeper: Question prompts from today’s teaching:

1 What challenges you most when you consider the ready kindness of God in the crucifixion story? 

2 What are the main paradoxes you struggle with in these days?  Ask God to show you how you might be a candle ‘burning between hope and despair’ in troubled times.

God put a rainbow in the clouds‘ – a creative reflection activity

“God put the rainbow in the clouds, not just in the sky…. If the rainbow is in the clouds, then in the worst of times, there is the possibility of seeing hope…. We can say, ‘I can be a rainbow in the clouds for someone yet to be.’ That may be our calling.” Maya Angelou (Harrisburg Forum, November 30, 2001)

Who has been a rainbow in your clouds and how might you carry them with you?

How can we be a blessing to somebody, and prepare ourselves to be, a rainbow in someone else’s clouds?

A Companion’s Story: Glimpses of Glory from Margene and David Vessel

Minneapolis, USA

Margene and David Vessel’s Questions to consider:

1.What gift from the quiet can you take with you as life opens up towards more social interactions?

2. Who are the marginalized in your community? How can you listen to them better?

3. Where do you see an opportunity for authentic engagement?

Join in

Midday Prayer, followed by today’s Selah activity – an intentional pause in the middle of the day

Midday Prayer with the Neils


From the Eata liturgy: Lord, I am here, pausing in the middle of the work that is yet to do.

This is a series of creative meditation exercises reflecting upon the experience ‘Selah’, of Pause in our daily lives. Selah appears in the psalms and whilst its meaning is something of an enigma it holds a sense of pause, of stepping back from our activity so that we might meet with God. We will take inspiration from Lynda Owen-Hussey’s series of paintings, which have become a Visio Divina for her. She offers these as an invitation to create our own Visio Divina – a window into God and into our lives.

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Used with the permission of Lynda Owen-Hussey

Selah: The Circle

The third step in creating your own Pause Button is to complete The Circle

‘Let us embody Your ready kindness in our day, for things will not be as they were before.’ We ask God to show us where and how we can embody God’s love in the sphere in which we live. We inhabit a sphere of influence, be that great or small. We inhabit a sphere which is part of the Cosmos, the Universe. We live and move and have our being in the atmosphere of this planet. We are affected by the political, economic and societal spheres of our times. As we pause today, complete the Circle in a way which represents God’s loving kindness for all that is happening in the world.

The Way of the Cross

This year, there are two ways in which you can engage with the ‘Way of the Cross’ liturgy, as we journey up to St Cuthbert’s Cave, Northumberland, UK and remember fifteen poignant moments in the Good Friday story.

You can join in with a livestream of the 2022 walk at 3pm today, which will engage with the final part of the walk, or watch a pre-recorded montage of the whole liturgy, recorded during the ‘Blessing People and Places’ retreat, just ahead of the closure of Nether Springs in March 2020.

2022 LIVESTREAM – from 3pm

2022 VERSION of the whole liturgy

You can find the liturgy in Celtic Daily Prayer Book One, from pp128 – 140, and we invite you to join in with the responses. Alternatively, you can download it below:

The walk up to the cave was filmed in March 2020, just before the Covid-19 lockdown, and the photos are from Easter 2019.


Alongside these activities, we would ask: where has God brought glimpses of glory in your lives during these troubled days and we would invite you to share your stories, photographs or other creative expressions with us – either on our private Facebook Group (a link to which was sent out to everyone on our database within a mailing about Easter 2022) or by emailing your contributions to It would be wonderful to feature some of these in a post-Easter edition of Encompass magazine.

Supporting the Life and Work of the Northumbria Community

Northumbria Community does not ask for a fee to cover the costs of providing resources, such as these Easter materials. However, we are a registered charity and are always grateful for donations that support the life and work of the wider Community as a whole. If you would like to encourage us in this way, you can follow the link below to make a donation. 

Thank you and we pray your Easter journey is marked with ‘glimpses of God’s glory!’ 

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