Holy Saturday – Easter 2022

Holy Saturday Resources

Welcome Holy Saturday, when we pause with the disciples in the middle of this day…

Gather Round

Talk 3: ‘Pausing in the Middle of the Work’

Today, Sarah Pillar reflects on the significance of pausing in the middle of the day.

Going deeper: Question prompts from today’s teaching:

1 What practical steps could you take to ensure you are ‘with’ God – in conversation with God, in prayer with God – in every emotion and circumstance you face? 

2 The metaphor of ‘keeping our eyes on the Conductor’ as we are called to Pause amidst our busy-ness puts us in the place of a musician.

How and where are we being asked to contribute to the Lord’s song being sung in a strange land? 

3 There are 39 Psalms which include the word ‘Selah’ (plus one Psalm in Habakkuk chapter 3). The sentiments within which ‘Selah’ appears are very different. Spend time with one or two different Psalms taking inspiration to write your own, making sure you include a moment of Pause within which you are ‘with’ God, to be heard and to hear.

A Selah reflection activity: Pausing in the Middle

A Companion’s Story: Glimpses of Glory from Marg Hardcastle

Stoke-on-Trent, UK

Marg Hardcastle’s Questions to Consider:

1.Do we find it more difficult to see glimpses of God’s glory in urban places, rather than the countryside?  It’s something that challenges me!

2.Are there examples of art and creativity in the public places where you live?  Have you noticed them and, if so, do they speak to you of God’s love or creativity?

3.Does creativity have to be explicitly Christian to reflect the mystery of God?

Join in

Midday Prayer, followed by today’s Selah activity – an intentional pause in the middle of the day

Midday Prayer with the Berrys

Create your own ‘Zine’ – an extra activity for our creative Saturday…


From the Eata liturgy: Lord, I am here, pausing in the middle of the work that is yet to do.

This is a series of creative meditation exercises reflecting upon the experience ‘Selah’, of Pause in our daily lives. Selah appears in the psalms and whilst its meaning is something of an enigma it holds a sense of pause, of stepping back from our activity so that we might meet with God. We will take inspiration from Lynda Owen-Hussey’s series of paintings, which have become a Visio Divina for her. She offers these as an invitation to create our own Visio Divina – a window into God and into our lives.

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Used with the permission of Lynda Owen-Hussey

Selah: The Pause

The third step in creating your own Pause Button is to complete The Pause symbol .

‘Lord, I am here, pausing in the middle of the work that is yet to do’ We ask God to show us the things which cause us to stop and pause. These could be a melody, a glimpse of beauty, the sound of a bell (or alarm on our phone), the sight of a loved one. These could also be a news headline or photograph of tragedy or injustice, the story of another’s pain, the death of a dear one. On this Holy Saturday, this day of sabbath, grief and waiting for Jesus’ disciples, what circumstances are we pausing in? These two lines are ones which call us back to the present moment in which we are asked again, ‘Who is it that you seek?’

Easter Vigil

You can join in with our Easter Vigil below. It was hosted by Bethan John, Sheila Danquah and the South Manchester Community Group in 2021, which they are a part of. Although written to be used just before midnight, we are aware that those of you with younger families might want to use it earlier in the evening. Be blessed by whatever choice you make.


Alongside these activities, we would ask: where has God brought glimpses of glory in your lives during these troubled days and we would invite you to share your stories, photographs or other creative expressions with us – either on our private Facebook Group (a link to which was sent out to everyone on our database within a mailing about Easter 2022) or by emailing your contributions to monasticliving@northumbriacommunity.org. It would be wonderful to feature some of these in a post-Easter edition of Encompass magazine.

Supporting the Life and Work of the Northumbria Community

Northumbria Community does not ask for a fee to cover the costs of providing resources, such as these Easter materials. However, we are a registered charity and are always grateful for donations that support the life and work of the wider Community as a whole. If you would like to encourage us in this way, you can follow the link below to make a donation. 

Thank you and we pray your Easter journey is marked with ‘glimpses of God’s glory!’ 

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