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Easter 2022: Journeying on with our Eata Liturgy, for such a time as this…’Give Me Glimpses of God’s Glory to Sustain Me’

Eata will be at the heart of our Easter Workshop for a further year, as it has continued to resonate with many in Community over the past year and its themes remain pertinent for us in these tumultuous times.

In particular we will explore the phrases ‘glimpses of Your glory’ and ‘glimpses of gold’:

When days seem dark, and I feel lonely and discouraged, then give me glimpses of Your glory to sustain me’ and ‘In truth, we do not know where they will go, which will take root or when the unlikeliest ground will return glimpses of gold’.

1) Glimpses of Your glory: what do we see with our eyes, heart, minds? (Maundy Thursday)

2) Embodying Your ready kindness: the physical reality of the calling of Christ. (Good Friday)

3) Pausing in the middle of the work: place of ‘Selah’ – drawing on the psalms  (Holy Saturday)

4) Sustenance (Easter Sunday)

A Welcome from the Overseers

Please note that the pathways that are referred to have been emailed out to all of the Companions, Novices and Friends on our Northumbria Community database. However, even if you are not on our database, there will be a lot of ways you can join in this Easter…

A Recap on the Significance of Eata (first recorded in 2021)

The Eata Liturgy

Catherine Askew , Sarah Pillar and Sarah Hay gather by the fallen Elm tree at Nether Springs – Mother House of the Northumbria Community – following Storm Arwen in December 2021, where it felt appropriate to say the Eata Liturgy, which was initially shared at Easter in 2021. We invite you to join with us in saying this together – you can find a copy of it below the video.


Here is the prayer Maurice Johnson, a beloved companion in Northumbria Community wrote for us with Eata’s life in heart:

‘Father God, Your training gives me a firm foundation for my life, no matter what I may meet. Help me to keep firmly guided by it and to follow the avenues of service You open to me, with kindness, selflessness and integrity; in the name of Christ. Amen.’



Used with the permission of Lynda Owen-Hussey

A key activity over Easter will revolve around a the concept of ‘Selah’. About 10 years ago, creative artist and Community Companion, Lynda Owen-Hussey was prompted to look at the word ‘selah’ from the psalms, with its meaning of a pause, of stepping back, or even a musical pause. This prompting inspired her to make her first pause button out of clay.

Since then, the pause button has become a motif that has inspired Lynda’s journey time and again and her sketchbooks have become a visual record of this journey: like a Visio Divina.

With Selah comes an invitation to pause: to stop and think. It is a place to explore prayer life – a contemplation and a response to God – as well as a process of creativity and working things out. A means of moving from Head to Heart through Hands.

Each day, from Palm Sunday to Holy Saturday, we will be encouraging you to intentionally pause in the middle of the day, in order to embody kindness and take time to notice glimpses of God’s glory in the different contexts that you find yourself.

We are grateful for Lynda Owen-Hussey’s input this year. Please pray for her and her husband Ferg, who are both recovering from contracting Covid-19 in recent weeks. This has hampered Lynda’s ability to enable us in the way she had hoped. We have teamed up to complete the instructions with her guidance. We honour the creative spark which God has given her through the inspiration of ‘Selah.’ You can find out more about Lynda’s work through her instagram account here

Before becoming unwell, Lynda talked with Sarah Pillar about her work. This isn’t the best audio recording however, it will suffice to give an insight into the value of participating in the activities over Easter.

JOIN IN – SELAH PART ONE: Creating a Pause Button


During Lent, led by another visual artist, Angie Devereux, many of you have been taking part in an intentional practice of creatively responding to God through daily prayer rhythms and readings from Celtic Daily Prayer. There have been numerous, beautiful glimpses of glory through the outpouring of God’s heart and many creative hands, even amid the anxiety, unrest and uncertainty of recent days – and, perhaps, especially because of this.

This Easter, we have invited Companions in three different contexts to share with us where they have seen Glimpses of God’s Glory which have been sustenance for their vocations. They have reflected on the last two years where circumstances have not been predictable and the pandemic has added to their challenges.

We will hear from Philip and Rosemary Mader-Grayson in Oxfordshire (UK), Margene and David Vessel in St Paul’s, Minneapolis (USA) and Marg Hardcastle in Stoke-on-Trent (UK). Their stories give us cause for thankfulness that God does indeed sustain us when we are in need of courage.

Alongside this, we would ask: where has God brought glimpses of glory in your lives during these troubled days and we would invite you to share your stories, photographs or other creative expressions with us – either on our private Facebook Group (a link to which was sent out to everyone on our database from a mailing about Easter 2022) or by emailing your contributions to It would be wonderful to feature some of these in a post-Easter edition of Encompass magazine.

Supporting the Life and Work of the Northumbria Community

Northumbria Community does not ask for a fee to cover the costs of providing resources, such as these Easter materials. However, we are a registered charity and are always grateful for donations that support the life and work of the wider Community as a whole. If you would like to encourage us in this way, you can follow the link below to make a donation. 

Thank you and we pray your Easter journey is marked with ‘glimpses of God’s glory!’ 

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