Kyrie Eleison: A lament for these days

FROM A SHED IN WALES – Martin Neil’s story

Recording music in my lifetime has been a journey from tape to vinyl to DAT to CDs and digital and now PHONE!!! Who would have guessed that!

The idea from Sarah Hay – to record a simple lament! 

Receiving audio and video from cyberspace, from all over the world, in many different formats and quality had its challenges, but I was so encouraged by people’s creativity and their willingness to step into the unknown.

It was always exciting to open up a file and wonder if it was going to be the melody, harmony, alto, bass or spontaneous inspiration.

As I thought about it, an idea formed of an army of people standing strong – rhythm and voice moving together. Ancient and new – drum and vocals.

I would wake up 4 in the morning with ideas and as I started to add more and more voices, the videos I had been sent started to make sense, on how they were to help tell a story.

My tech creativity also had to kick in as my little recording system only allowed 96 tracks and I was way over that – lol!

The last idea which I dreamed of was a sped up drawing from an artist – it arrived the night before I finished! 

What a journey!

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