Lenten Creativity

Join in with a 40-day practice of Lenten Creativity

This Lent we invite you to journey alongside the Northumbria Community for a 40 day practice of creativity. Each day, we encourage you to use one of our daily prayer liturgies, as a springboard for a ‘hands to heart’ Lenten activity. You could join in on your own, or invite others to get involved alongside you – either online or in person, so that you can share what God has been bringing.

Every week we will add some ideas to inspire you. We invite you to lean in and listen to what God might be saying, as we each unlock our own creative gifts.

In March we are using the Aidan readings from Celtic Daily Prayer Book One: Ask for the Old Paths (also available as a single set of readings HERE); in April we will be focusing on Eata, in Celtic Daily Prayer Book Two: Exiles (also available HERE).

And to get you started, here is an introductory video from Angie Devereux, one of our Northumbria Community visual artists.

How to get started with your Lenten Journey

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