Our 2022 Programme

We are pleased to be releasing our overview of retreats and other activities across the Northumbria Community from January to June 2022.  It has been the biggest, most joyful jigsaw puzzle of the last 18 months yet, because for the first time in many months, we have been able to begin incorporating ‘in person’ events, alongside our Nether Springs and online retreats.  And at the end of January, we will be trying out our first ever ‘hybrid’ event over the Community Group Leaders’ weekend, with some input from the Mother House that we are aiming to ‘live-stream’ for those not able to take part at Nether Springs, in a simultaneous online retreat, hosted by our online Welcome and Hospitality team.  Who could have predicted that such a thing could have been possible two years’ ago? 

NETHER SPRINGS January to June 2022:

The Nether Springs retreat programme is intentionally more spacious at the moment, as we continue to discern what is next for the Mother House in this season and to build a new residential House team. We are delighted to include a Gardening Weekend and Work Week for Companions and Novices, in March and May respectively, as well as open up our doors for Easter Workshop again, alongside online and physical gatherings across the dispersed network. 

ONLINE: January to June 2022:

Over the past 18 months, we have been learning the value of offering ‘joining in’ spaces online and, in particular, of creating retreats that are held within the rhythm of our prayers, with a Welcome and Hospitality team alongside any input.  Again and again, people have commented on how these spaces have helped them to connect with the Northumbria Community and created a ‘sense of home’, especially where geographical distance has meant that visiting Nether Springs has been difficult, or, indeed, totally out of the question.  For the foreseeable future, two retreats per month will continue to be offered in these online spaces – these will include our Community Introductions and Individually Guided Retreats. 

Alongside these longer retreats, we will also continue to offer ‘short course’ retreats, such as the popular ‘Exile and Empire’ and ‘Sacred Space’ ones.  Our first short course retreat of the year will run on Tuesday evenings, from mid-January, and will use a beautiful, ‘changing clock’, creative activity to track the joys and challenges of the past year. 

We also intend to pilot some online ‘Open House Hang-outs’ for Companions, over a couple of weekends in March and June. More information will be sent out about these, via our mailing list , nearer the time.

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