Easter 2020: Ninian – A Call to Bless – Palm Sunday

As Holy Week begins this weekend with Palm Sunday we gather together  to share an Easter in a new expression of Alone Together.

We have opportunity to experience afresh the momentous story of this week in the life of Jesus. In this unique season of isolation we shall explore how we are to respond to the Call to Bless by engaging with St Ninian’s life and legacy.

Through videos, audios, activities, reflections and social media we pray that God might connect us as we – Alone Together – seek Him with our all and bless others in His name.

2020 Lenten Reflections: A Holy Island Pilgrimage – Part 13

Part 13 Lindisfarne Scriptorium

Today we are peering through the window of Lindisfarne Scriptorium to delight in the illuminated manuscripts and innovative, emerging treasures …

Let’s pause and look through the window of the Lindisfarne Scriptorium where Mary Fleeson’s beautiful, present-day designs heart-connect us to God’s lifewords now, as well as illuminating the treasures of the past…

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